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The Prophetic ministry is accepted in only a minority of the North American churches.

The mature gift of Prophecy is flawless. It is our character that does not measure up to this perfection and needs to be changed on a daily basis to become more like Jesus.

Some people in the church have been hurt and misled by people exercising this gift before they were ready. The Prophetic gift is the audible voice of God coming through chosen vessels willing to give their lives to serve God.

This does not happen overnight; each person must subject himself to the cleansing power of God in order to remove the ungodly thoughts and habits that can and will hinder this gift.

The church contributes to this cause by not allowing this gift to flow and mistakes to be made. It is sometimes because the church leadership doesnít understand the gift and canít discern if a word is true, thus causing fear and confusion.

The prophetic gift is the only gift in the church that is not allowed to make a mistake.

There are so few places where people can go to exercise their prophetic gift and to learn to hear the voice of the Lord, to feel the emotion of the heart of God when He speaks and to understand the importance of accuracy and accountability of the words spoken.

Accuracy and accountability are key in the operation of this gift. We must understand that God holds the giver accountable for saying just what He says. People needing to hear from God are relying on us the give them an accurate account of the voice of God because the decision they have to make will affect them now and for eternity.

God so wants His voice to be heard, there is so much He wants to say to each of His children.

He is raising up a new generation that has been submitted to and is continuing to go through His cleansing process to remove the impurities in their lives that hinder His voice coming through them with the most love and power it can.

We need this voice to come to its fullest potential in these last days to receive the voice of the Lord in direction, correction, edifying and assurance. Allow this voice the time to grow and make mistakes because in these end times your spiritual lives may depend on it.

The following words are words received from the Lord by people who have been raised up over the last 4 years to hear the voice of the Lord.

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